One of the World’s Largest NFT Guild is Preparing for Series A Funding

One of the largest NFT gaming guilds in the world is preparing for Series A funding (1)

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is almost ready for Series A Funding. With more than 2000 scholars, hundreds of thousands of social media engagements, an established online gaming community, and 2.3 million USD in seed funding, AGV is set to conquer and reach heights! 

AGV is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that plans to boast itself as the most valued DAO in the world through the economic potential of the NFT ecosystem, bringing all our stakeholders all over the globe great success rooting from the decentralized coin market. 

More NFT Ventures 

AXIE Infinity is just the start for AGV. We’re continuously researching and exploring potential NFT investments as an embodiment of our vision. At present, AGV is eyeing more than five more NFT games with promising potential and a great market! 

More scholarships 

Part of AGV’s mission is giving their scholars economic freedom through the power of NFT games. With the expansion of their financial capacities comes the responsibility of producing more scholarship openings for aspiring players and making a life-changing impact on their stakeholders all over the globe. 

More countries to conquer

At present, AGV’s operations are mostly in the Philippines and some ASEAN countries but next in their targets are the countries in North America – where there’s great brand recognition for non-fungible tokens and NFT games like Axie Infinity. With this market expansion plans down on their pipeline, AGV is set to grow from island to island. 

Establishing AGV as a crucial player in the NFT 

AGV aims to be the world’s highest-valued Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the next few years. With this comes its role as a significant player in the NFT ecosystem in the future.

Call for investors

The rise of NFT gaming and its promising financial returns is a core part of the idea in forming AGV. At present, AVG is producing more or less than 225,429 SLP per day, or an amount equivalent to approximately 1.2 million USD per month in Axie Infinity alone. Given this turnout, they strongly believe in the financial gains as well as the value that AVG can potentially contribute to their investors. They previously opened 160,000,000 AGV Tokens for 0.02 USD each on our seed funding and they’re looking at more to offer! 
Looking to invest and be part of Astra Guild Ventures? Read more on our White Paper

Astra Guild Ventures

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