How to Buy AGVs For Its Public Sale

How to buy AGVs for Public Sale

Reminders Before Buying AGVs

  • The minimum amount you can buy is 100 USD or 500 AGVs
  • We recommend setting gas fees as “High” when sending funds from Metamask
  • You may only use Metamask wallet when sending payments. You can’t send payments from other wallets or exchange wallets like Binance. The wallet you’ll send payments from should be THE SAME wallet you used to connect to the website.
  • The wallet you used to send payments and connect to the website will be the same wallet where the system will send the AGV tokens
  • You can only pay using USDT-ERC20
  • Payments will be processed within 24 hours; once the system has recognized your payment, you’ll see the purchased tokens on your dashboard

For the Public Sale, 20% of the purchased tokens will be distributed during the Token Generation Event on DEC 23, 00:00 UTC while the remaining 80% will be distributed equally for the next 6 months starting JAN 31 00:00 UTC

  1. Go to
  1. Connect your Metamask wallet
  1. Click on the AGV launchpad button
  1. Enter your email address and Telegram username
  1. Check your email for the One Time Password (OTP) and copy + paste to verify.

    NOTE: If you don’t see the OTP email in your inbox, check your spam folder.
  1. Go to the Public Sale tab
  1. Click “Upload KYC”
  1. Upload a photo of your valid ID.

    Note: Make sure that the photo is well-lit and all four corners are visible
  1. Next, click on “Scan a Selfie”
  1. Enable to connect to your camera
  1. Take a selfie by clicking “Capture Selfie”

    Note: You should be in a well-lit area. Your face should be inside the circle when taking the photo
  1. After uploading your KYC files, you can start buying AGVs by clicking the “Buy AGV” button

    NOTE: You don’t have to wait for the approval of your KYC to start buying AGVs
  1. Enter the amount you wish to buy. You can either enter the amount in USD or in AGV
    1. The minimum amount you can buy is 100 USD or 500 AGVs
  1. Click on “Select Coin” and choose USDT-ERC20

    NOTE: For the public sale, you can only use USDT-ERC20 token for payments
  1. Click on “Pay Now”
  1. Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code.
  1. Send your payment from your Metamask wallet in USDT

    1. You can only send payment from Metamask wallet
    2. The Metamask wallet address you’ll use to send payment should be the same Metamask wallet you used to connect to the AGV website
    3. You can’t send payments from other wallets or exchanges
    4. When sending payments, choose to edit the “Gas Fees” to “High”
  1. Once you have sent the payment, you may check the status of your order on the “Order History” tab
  1. Once the system has received the payment within 24 hours, you will receive an email notifying that your payment has been processed and your Public Sale dashboard will be updated.

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