Crypto influencer, Alexander Kondrashov, invests in Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)


Renowned crypto influencer, Alexander Kondrashov, joins the AGV investor line-up. Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFT, P2E games, and other blockchain projects.

In addition to this, the DAO also aims to create a global community of blockchain experts, P2E players, and investors — its most recent member is a top crypto influencer, Alexander Kondrashov.

Alexander Kondrashov has 2,500,000 million followers on Instagram and more than 1,530,000 million subscribers on Youtube. In addition, he has a Telegram group with 103,000 subscribers interested in Finance, Investment, and Trading. His combined following is over 4,000,000+ in reach.

His newest project is a private community in the crypto industry. Kondrashov is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency and finance personalities in Russia. In fact, as of writing, his crypto community trading already has more than 62,000 subscribers on Telegram and counting!

In an exclusive interview, we asked Alexander why he invested in Astra Guild Ventures:

“Transparency is essential in the cryptocurrency space. My blog and my community are much anchored to transparency as well. That is what inclined me to invest in AGV — they have an earnings dashboard where I can easily check the status of my investment, they even have a library of assets where investors can view everything the DAO owns. To see a DAO provide these transparency features for its stakeholders shows the value that they’re prepared to bring, and that is something that I look for in a venture; that’s why I am investing in Astra Guild.” says Alexander Kondrashov.

Astra Guild Ventures continues to expand its global community as part of its mission with the onboarding of top cryptocurrency and business personalities like Alexander Kondrashov.

Astra Guild Ventures prepares for Series B Funding.

Astra Guild Ventures is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects. AGV aims to build a global community of investors, tech leaders, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts, and P2E players.

AGV will start its Series B funding round (private sale) on November 17, 2021, with 37,500,000 AGV ready for distribution 10% to be released on Token Generation Event on December 23, 2021, and the remaining 90% will be distributed monthly for the 12 months.

For interested Series B investors, connect with


Astra Guild Ventures

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