Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) Seeks 100 New AXIE Infinity Scholars!

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) seeks 100 new scholars!

Earning while playing a game can sound like a completely impossible concept. However, thanks to the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT), this has actually become today’s reality. Through NFT games like Axie Infinity, you can now collect income while having fun. There are two ways to enjoy these kinds of NFT games: you can purchase your own team, or you can play for someone else and be an Axie Infinity Scholar. With Astra Guild Ventures, you can be the latter as we’re now open for 100 NEW Scholars who are up for the grind!

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is looking for 100 Axie Infinity scholars! Be a member of the world’s fastest-growing NFT guild by reading this article and knowing our application process! 

What’s in it for Astra Guild Venture’s AXIE Infinity Scholars?

No financial capital needed

While the game has many earning opportunities for everyone, it’s not free to play, thus limiting people’s access to it. At present, you can purchase your own team for more or less than 1000 USD. With AGV, all the financial capital you need is handled for you! All you have to do is apply and it’s game time with your brand new AXIE team without financial capital. 

Bi-monthly Pay-outs

Right now, your Smooth Love Potions (SLP) can only be withdrawn every two weeks or 14 days as set by the game’s developer, Sky Mavis. As this is also the timeline followed by our NFT Guild, our scholars enjoy bi-monthly payouts from their hard work. Let’s say you’re an AGV scholar and you started playing on the 1st of the month, this means you will be getting your payout on the 14th and the 28th, respectively. 

Earn SLP

With AGV, you will be getting all your earnings through SLPs, and not in cash. This means you get to decide and strategize your gains through your very own trading. You have FULL authority on when and how you wish to convert your SLPs.  

Flexible work/playtime

Because NFT games are about flexibility and economic gains, you also get the luxury of playing anytime and anywhere. Using your phone, PC, laptop, or tablet, you have the complete liberty for your own grind time (as long as it’s before the game reset at 8 AM, of course)! 

Be part of the AGV Scholar Community

Be part of a gaming community. Develop your NFT gaming career with AGV, by being one of our growing 2,000 scholars and managers. We also offer incentives for top earners as well as building them a fun and engaging gaming community in addition to rewarding financial gains. 

How to be an AGV Scholar? 

This is probably the part you’ve been waiting for because we know you can’t wait to be an AGV Scholar! So here are the steps to apply as one:

Like and follow our Facebook Page

Keep updated on the latest news and opportunities from Astra Guild Ventures! Here, you can find all our updates from our scholar recruitment announcement up to the most recent NFT updates. Know about the latest application mechanics through our page.

Join our Discord Server

Interact with our gaming community through Discord. Learn more about Astra Guild Ventures, connect with aspiring and present scholars, and be updated on AGV’s latest events by joining our Official Discord Server.

Follow our Twitter Account 

Once you’re done following and joining our Facebook and Discord Servers, the next thing you should do is to follow our Twitter (@AstraGuild) account.

Learn more about AGV Scholarship Program

Know more about Astra Guild Venture’s mission on our official website. Be part of the world’s fastest-growing NFT Guild, read more about AGV’s plans and milestones on our whitepaper.

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