Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) raised 2.3 Million Dollars in Seed Round

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) raised 2.3 Million Dollars in Seed Round

The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT)  brought foundation to the world’s fastest-growing NFT Guild, Astra Guild Ventures (AGV). In its seed round, AGV was able to raise 2.3 million USD to fund its fast progress. Founded by a reputable CEO and a team well-versed in the world of cryptocurrency, AGV is set to capture the GAME-changing potential of NFT.

AGV is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that plans to boast itself as the most valued DAO in the world through the economic potential of the NFT ecosystem, bringing all our stakeholders all over the globe great success rooting from the decentralized coin market. 

What does 2.3 Million USD in Seed Funding mean? 

The seed round is the first stage of the venture where companies raise the funds needed to execute their business ideas. This means that the 2.3 million dollars gathered by AGV will be used to conduct the team’s initial plans and expand their token investments and multiply the number of our scholars and NFT managers.

AGV’s promise to its investors

Raising 2.3 million USD is a huge achievement, but for Astra Guild Ventures, that simply does not stop there. With ventures in Axie Infinity, the highest-grossing NFT game in the market, AGV was able to build a team of 2,000 scholars that produces about 200,000 SLPs per day. With this output, the guild is estimated to have a turn out of 1.4 million USD per month to fund AGV’s growth and expansion strategies. 

AGV’s promise to its scholars and managers

AGV’s success does not only entail success in the world of NFT but also economic success for our 2000 scholars and counting. The earning reward of NFT has become a potential source of livelihood for its players, thus, its integration in our mission. To be able to see their scholars progress economically is as much as the guild’s success. 

The future for Astra Guild Ventures 

Astra Guild Ventures aims to become the most valuable DAO in the market. With this goal comes concrete steps to reach it: AGV is now exploring other investment opportunities in the market’s current top NFT line-up. They are also continuously recruiting batches of scholars and managers to attract investors and strengthen the guild’s grind economy. Read more on Astra Guild Venture’s white paper

Know more about Astra Guild Ventures

Want to learn more about the world’s fastest-growing NFT Guild? Get the latest updates on AGV’s investments, tokens, scholarships, and investment opportunities with Astra Guild Ventures. Visit our official website or follow them on their Facebook Page or Twitter accounts. 

Facebook: @AstraGuildVentures 

Twitter: @AstraGuild 

Astra Guild Ventures

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