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How to Download Axie Infinity

Download Axie Infinity on any device, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download Axie Infinity and start earning and ranking!  Android device  Downloading the Axie Infinity application straightforward for phone users. Here’s a guide

How to choose the best Axies in the Marketplace

All Axies are beautiful - as stated by Axie Infinity developers themselves. But this does not limit you from having your preferences! You need to have several skills to compete in the market, so here’s

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide 2021

Breeding in Axie Infinity allows you to multiply your Axies, just like an actual living organism.  All you need are 2 parent Axies, some smooth love potions (SLP), AXS, and some breeding knowledge! So look

Why Axie Infinity Became Popular in the Philippines

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, plenty of people have lost their jobs and livelihood, forced to stay at home not being able to earn anything. Having nothing to do, Filipinos have found endless

Axie Scholarship Program Guide

The world of NFTs has opened a new door in the field of gaming, especially for those who want to earn extra money during their spare time. Axie Infinity, the world’s highest value NFT game,

Complete Axie Infinity Guide for Beginners

Are you planning to build your Axie team soon? Then, you’ve come to the right page because we’re telling you all about Axie Infinity from the gameplay, variety, breeding, and takings from playing this NFT