How to choose the best Axies in the Marketplace

How to Choose the Best Axies in Axie Infinity Marketplace

All Axies are beautiful – as stated by Axie Infinity developers themselves. But this does not limit you from having your preferences! You need to have several skills to compete in the market, so here’s the AGV guide to help you find the best Axies for you in the marketplace. 

Tips in surfing the marketplace 

Best deals in the marketplace don’t last for seconds! So you better train yourself to navigate as fast as you can. Here are some tips on what to look out for, how to use filters to your advantage, and finally, how you can get the best Axie for you! 

Scan, do not read

Don’t waste time reading each and clicking each Axie on each page; just scan through it! This way, you can get to the latest deals and highest quality Axies as best as you can. It’s a high-demand market out there, so you are required to have that fast reaction time, and to be able to do that, you need to scan the text on the page. 

Use filters

The marketplace filter is a tool you can use to navigate the marketplace faster. For example, you can filter Axies according to price, latest listings, Axie body parts, and more! In addition, using the marketplace filter helps you find your desired Axie by narrowing your search. 

Always start on the first page

The easiest way to navigate the marketplace is to start on the first page of your search. So the next time you’re in the Axie Infinity marketplace, take the easy road and start on page one. This allows you to save time loading and shifting from page to page, which helps you catch the best listings before they’re gone. 

Know about Axies body parts 

Axies have six body parts: the eyes, ears, tail, back, horns, and mouth. Each body part determines the skill of the Axies. So better be familiarized with the body parts of the Axie that you wish to have; get your desired Axie in just a look! 

Axie classes

There are nine classes of Axies in the marketplace: the plant, beast, reptile, bird, aqua, bug, mech, dusk, and dawn. Knowing the class you want cuts down your searching time so much faster! Take note that each class is stronger than the other class when played in PVP. There is also an additional 15% attack/defense using Axies of certain types against other Axies. See chart below: 

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