Axie Scholarship Program Guide

Axie Scholarship Program Guide 2021

The world of NFTs has opened a new door in the field of gaming, especially for those who want to earn extra money during their spare time. Axie Infinity, the world’s highest value NFT game, is taking the gaming market by storm with its catching gameplay and attractive rewards! 

However, NFT games are not free to play and require financial capital to start, hence, the option of getting a scholarship from a manager. Astra Guild Ventures, one of the world’s fastest-growing NFT gaming guilds, is currently managing over 2,000 Axie Infinity scholars! Are you interested in becoming part of a scholarship program? Then better read on and follow this guide.

Tips When Looking for Axie Scholarship

Always review the Page

With a rising number of managers wanting to provide scholarships and earning opportunities for everyone comes people who want to take advantage of the hype. When looking for scholarships online, always review the page, website, or servers. Do your own little investigation to make sure they are legitimate. Check if they have real people following – which can be seen when you view their followers. You should also listen to what the comments and reviews from other followers say about their content and the scholarship process. If you think that the page can be trusted, it’s worth your time for an application. 

Connect with your potential manager 

Once you’ve cleared your potential manager’s background for legitimacy, it’s now time to stay connected. Hit that like or follow button on ALL their platforms. Always engage and stay updated on the latest news may your manager be a streamer or an NFT gaming guild like Astra Guild Ventures. Managers appreciate aspiring scholars who help try and strengthen their community, so make sure you’re one of those. 

Research about Axie Infinity

Applying for an Axie Infinity scholarship requires knowledge in the job you want to get into. Do your research Axie Infinity consume articles that will help you understand the game and see if it fits your gaming preference. Make sure you are aware of how the Axie system works and how it became play to earn. Then, you can start your readings on AGV’s complete guide for beginners. 

Prepare a scholarship resume

Not all managers require a resume, but it’s so much better to have this on your perusal. A resume is a piece of document that shows your skills and gaming experience fit for the scholarship. And while you’re at it, you can also make it more presentable and eye-catching; this will not only catch managers’ attention but also show that you’re putting effort into bagging that scholarship. 

Prepare for the interview

The typical next step in getting an Axie Scholarship is the interviews. Once the manager shortlists you, you will be invited for an interview. Here, managers will get to know you better and assess you based on how you present yourself. Make sure that you’re prepared for their questions. If you don’t know the answer, just stay transparent and promise to work on that knowledge gap. Highlight your gaming experience, state the games you’ve played, and the highest ranks you attained in that game. Be polite and professional in the way you speak. Remember, you’re not only tested for your gaming skills but also your personality. 

Ready to become an AGV scholar?

How to Join the AGV Scholar Community

Be a member of the AGV Discord Server

Astra Guild Ventures primarily uses Discord in our recruitment process. Here you can find all steps and the platform you need to apply as an AGV scholar. Each stage has an assigned channel to submit your applications, video resumes, and inquiries. Take note that you have to make sure you use your REAL photo to let the admins know that your account is legitimate. 

Join the AGV discord server

Invite 20 people to AGV Discord Server

Part of being an AGV scholar is helping grow our community. That is why you need to invite 20 more people to our discord server. With this, you get to help other people who aspire to get an Axie Infinity Scholarship. You can validate the number of your invites by going to the channel #general-chat and following the steps as shown by the AGV guide. Once you’ve validated the number of your invites, you need to send a screenshot to your assigned moderator or masters for checking and screening. 

Follow AGV on social media 

Astra Guild Ventures just landed on social media. The guild knows that it’s one of the best ways to reach out to potential scholars, so we immediately expanded our platform on social media! AGV currently has Facebook and Twitter accounts. So stay up to date with our latest announcements, game updates, and of course, scholarship openings! Everything you need to know about AGV can be found on our official accounts.

Facebook: @AstraGuildVentures

Twitter: @AstraGuild

Daily Tasks

Initiates are required to accomplish their daily tasks as set by AGV Admins. These tasks will require you to engage in AGV’s online content and interact with your fellow initiates. Note that accomplishing the daily tasks is a big factor in advancing to the following levels and getting your NFT account, so keep sharing, commenting, and inviting as masters will choose the most active initiates for the scholarship interviews! 

Rules to remember

English only policy

Astra Guild Ventures operates in several countries across the world. We implement an English-only policy on our server to ensure that everyone in the AGV community is included and connect. Failure to comply with this rule may result in demotion, kick/s, ban/s on the AGV server. 

Maintain a respectful environment

Astra Guild is serious about its mission to create a quality gaming community. This means that we do not only consider our members’ skills but also their values. Therefore, we make sure that everyone is well-behaved, and AGV shall not tolerate any use of obscene or derogatory words or graphics on the server. 

Proper use of the server/channel

To keep everything systematic and organized. AGV encourages its members to properly use the channels according to purpose to keep everything systematic and organized. We advise our members to follow the rules set in the AGV server.

Ready to be an AGV scholar? 

Do you think you have what it takes to be an AGV scholar? Start your application process now! Then, join our Discord Server and become one of our initiates set to be an AGV Knight! Don’t miss the chance to get an Axie Infinity Scholarship and be part of the growing community of Astra Guild! 

Astra Guild Ventures

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