Complete Axie Infinity Guide for Beginners

Complete Axie Infinity Guide for Beginners

Are you planning to build your Axie team soon? Then, you’ve come to the right page because we’re telling you all about Axie Infinity from the gameplay, variety, breeding, and takings from playing this NFT game! 

How to play Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a turn-based game with attacks and defenses based on cards from your “Axies” or the virtual pets you use to play with other players and farm smooth love potions (SLP). Each day, there’s a 20-energy allocated for a team of three. Energy allocation increases as you increase the number of your axies; you then burn this energy each time you play to get SLP rewards. 

Different Classes of Axie 

There are several classes of Axies, namely the Plant, Beast, Bird, Bug, Reptile, and the Aqua, and the special types the Dusk, Dawn, and the Mech. To play, you are required to have at least 3 Axies depending on the combination that you prefer. There are several combinations you can do on different types of Axies. You probably heard of an RBP team, a Reptile-Beast-Plant variety, a BBP Team, or the Bird-Beast-Plant. There are more teams that you can explore, depending on your preference.  

Each type of Axie has its purpose. For example, the plant serves as the tank while the beast serves as the primary damage dealer. These Axies vary according to their cards, but it all boils down to the attack and defense they can produce. Here’s an RBP team from Astra Guild Ventures as an example. 

Axie Infinity Reptile-Beast-Plant Team
Reptile-Beast-Plant Team
Axie Infinity Terminator Reptile Cards
Terminator Reptile Cards

Game modes

Axie Infinity has two game modes, adventure and the arena. The adventure mode allows you to play level to level and practice your team’s skills and strategies with A.I. On the other hand, the Arena allows you to play versus other players depending on your MMR or match-making rating. Each season all players’ MMR resets to 1,200 where they battle it again on the Arena for a chance to be part of the top 10 and gain AXS rewards! Each win that you get for both game modes has a corresponding SLP reward which you can trade for cash! 

Axie Infinity Adventure Mode
Axie Infinity Adventure Mode
Axie Infinity Arena Mode

SLP and AXS 

There are two token rewards that you can earn from playing Axie. The SLP is a reward for playing every day through the Arena and the Adventure mode. Each player can make a minimum of 75 SLP per day from the Adventure (up to 50 SLP) and daily quest rewards (25 SLP claimable). The AXS or Axie Infinity is a token reward from playing on events and being one of the top ten Axie Infinity players overall. Check out the image below for the top ten bonuses in milli-AXS. 

Axie Infinity Ranks


Another cool thing about Axies is that they can be bred! Each Axie has a breed count of up to seven, meaning they can produce up to seven offspring! If you wish to reproduce your Axie, you will need SLP and AXS, which can be purchased on Binance or won during events. Each Axie has a specific combination of genes that must be paired to another Axie with a similar gene combination. After breeding your Axies, an egg shall register to your inventory which will take up to 5 days to morph into an adult. 

Axie Infinity Breeding

How set-up your Axie Team

Create your Metamask and Ronin accounts 

The first step in creating your Axie team is creating your Metamask and Ronin wallet. Metamask is a web application that allows you to move your crypto assets from application to application. The Ronin wallet, on the other hand, is a wallet specific to Axie Infinity. Ronin allows you to convert your Ethereum (ETH) to Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) or a version of ETH used to buy Axies. Once you’ve set up your accounts on Metamask and Ronin, you can now start shopping your very first Axies! 

The Axie Infinity Marketplace

The Axie Infinity Marketplace allows players to browse and list Axies they wish to sell. To have access, you need to use your Ronin Wallet credentials to log in, after which you can set up your email and password. Then, you can browse available Axies and use tools to narrow down on your preferred types. 

Axie Infinity Marketplace

Download the App 

Once you purchased your Axies, you can now download the Axie Infinity game on your phone or laptop. As of now, the game can operate through Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices only. You should also take note that there is a different process for phones and laptops. You have to download the Mavis Hub to access the game on a laptop or desktop, while the phone process is more straightforward as you only have to download the Axie Infinity game application. Once you’ve got the game set up, you’re ready to play to earn! 

Scholars and Managers 

In Axie Infinity, there are also two types of players, the scholars, and the managers. Managers invest in the game by financing a team and getting a scholar to play for them in return for a percentage of the profit. Managers and scholars can divide their shares based on the best arrangement for them, but most use a 50-50 setup. 

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Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is one of the world’s fastest-growing NFT guilds! The organization currently has more than 2,000 scholars and managers for Axie Infinity. AGV also has a great gaming community where NFT players gather news and updates and get a scholarship! 

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