Axie Infinity Breeding Guide 2021

Axie Inifinity Breeding Guide 2021 (1)

Breeding in Axie Infinity allows you to multiply your Axies, just like an actual living organism.  All you need are 2 parent Axies, some smooth love potions (SLP), AXS, and some breeding knowledge! So look no further because we got the breeding knowledge covered for you! 

How to choose Axies to breed

Each Axie has six visible body parts and body shape which determines their skills and card sets. These body parts and shapes are determined by their genes. Read on for those who want to start their own breeding in Axie Infinity. 

What type of Axie should you breed? 

Choosing the types of Axie to breed should not be difficult if you know the purpose of the Axie that you want to have. If you want to have an Axie tank then you can go for a plant type, if you want an Axie that can deal serious damage you can go for a beast or an aqua. Before you start your breeding, you have to think about the purpose of your breeding so you can focus on finding the right pair of Axies. 

Parents contribute 50-50 to their offspring 

When breeding Axies, you note that an Axie offspring gets half of each of the parents’ makeup up. If you breed a Reptile and a Plant, then your Axie will come out half reptile and half plant. Breeding two similar types guarantee the same type of offspring, which means that if you chose two Beast parents, you are guaranteed a beast offspring. When selecting the parents, you can use this breeding calculator to predict their potential offspring. 

Breed count 

Take note that Axies have a maximum breeding count. Each Axie has a breeding count of up to seven. The higher the breeding count the more resources you need to use and the higher the expenses this is also why virgin Axies sell higher than those who have been used for breeding. Some Axie breeders stop breeding their parent Axies three to four times, so if you’re just starting to breed, you should consider getting a virgin Axie or those with below four breed count to cut down your expenses. 


Each type of Axie has its genes, which is not shown on the Axie Infinity marketplace. But, you can view them by downloading this extension developed by an Axie community member. Each Axie has three sets of genes. The Dominant (D) with 37.5% chance of inheritance, the Recessive 1 (R1) with 9.375% chance of inheritance, and the Recessive 2 (R2) with 3.125% inheritance. Genes determine the body parts which then determine the card sets of your offspring. So, now you know why you have to find a compatible Axie pair, in terms of genes at least! 

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide

Axie Stats

Another thing to consider when breeding your Axies is their stats. Stats show the Speed, Health, Speed, Skill, and Morale. Stats are important because they determine how your Axies will perform when played in Adventure and Arena game modes. We highly suggest getting parents with the same stats so you can produce offspring just as same! 

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide

How much do I need to spend in breeding my Axies? 

All you need is your parent Axies plus 1 AXS and a couple of SLPs. Take note that the  SLP requirement increases as breed count increases. If you don’t have parent Axies, SLP, and AXS, you must purchase them online. Shop the parent Axies in the Axie Marketplace; here’s our Axie Marketplace Guide. Prices of these depend on the current market price. 

Breed CountSLP Cost

How to breed Axies

Once you’ve chosen your parent Axies, AXS, and SLP requirements, breeding is pretty simple. All you have to do is unlock your Ronin wallet, go to the Axie Marketplace, and click on the Axie that you wish to breed, and then on the upper right, you’ll see a “Breed” button next to “Sell” and “Gift.” 

Once you’ve clicked Breed, it will direct you to this, which will require you to choose your Axie partner! 

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide

Lastly, click “Let’s Breed” and then wait for an egg to be delivered to your inventory! 

Eggs take five days to develop to full adults. Once they’re ready, their state bar will become full, then all you have to do is click “Morph to Adult,” and you’re granted with your very own Axie that’s ready to battle it up in the Arena! 

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